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Trending applications of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain


When the Bitcoin was introduced for the first time, no one could predict how much it will change the online market. Today when we think about cryptocurrencies, we imagine huge processing units working on algorithms to mine currency when in the beginning, it was possible only through a home PC. How far have we come in blockchain technology? It is going to change the finance sector in the coming future? Questions like these make blockchain and cryptocurrency such an interesting topic to explore. We have listed some of the best applications of cryptocurrencies today to feed your curiosity.

Controlling electoral fraud

electoral fraud

An ethical application of cryptocurrency is to help in control electoral fraud by combining blockchain and voting system. An app that can control the voting system through blockchain can minimize any type of corruption which involved money. If the voting system uses blockchain, it cannot be broken-in and modified by anyone.

Modern business practices

Cryptocurrency and blockchain can help in ethical business practices. Blockchain can help in managing every transaction with complete transparency. Since it can keep track of every single transaction, the employees can have a better say at their salary and businesses can run in more ethical ways.

Going Green

Blockchain can also help our environment in more ways than you can imagine. The solar-powered technology today offers more of solar-based energy and less of carbon-based power. The microgrid can help in installing solar panels which can be operated through mobile apps for the people who do not have direct access.

Tourism Industry

As the world runs on different currencies, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency can be used for international travels as the more and more retailers start to accept Bitcoin transactions. There are much online tourism services which offer flights, car rentals, cruises, and accommodations using Bitcoin.


Even the schools are slowly adapting to cryptocurrency payments in many parts of the world. Countries like Switzerland, Germany, and the United States have started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of fee payment. As Bitcoin becomes more and more popular, we can expect more schools and universities accepting transactions of it.

Augmented reality

There are many websites and applications which are offering users to earn Bitcoin for using and testing their augmented reality applications. Since AR is still under development and has not come in full terms of providing a flawless experience, developers are willing to reward the users for testing their location-based AR experiences.

Digital publishing engagement

Digital publishing is the future we are looking at for every business. Every website and application is trying to increase its presence over the internet while not caring about the relevancy of the theme of the advertisement or the article to their website. To fix this problem, many companies are providing the service of locating the right article for your website to attract the right audience. They offer par-per-article using a type of cryptocurrency which the publishers or the audience members can earn for commenting or publishing content.


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